8 thoughts on “Trestles and Tall Trees

  1. Great route. Fab photos. Interesting to read about this next phase of retirement. You have had an adventure-packed phase one and are continuing to enjoy travel, in a different way.


  2. What a wonderful, well documented trip! It sounds like you two had a fantastic time. Your detailed description is appreciated. Perhaps I’ll have the chance to enjoy this trip. Quite a few years ago, a fellow cyclist and I stayed in Victoria for a week. He rented a mtn bike, I brought my little folding bike. The Galloping Goose trail was delightful!
    Following your travels has been most enjoyable!


    • Good to hear from you, Linda. These electric bikes have opened up a new world to us. The hills on the Gulf Islands we can finally conquer and enjoy. It’s amazing how much more you see when you’re going s l o w.


  3. Cathy and Doug, you are amazing. Love reading all about your travels. Your photography is mind boggling. I feel that I have been there with you. Keep up your travels and stay safe.


  4. I love your travelogues — so much more interesting written by friends — for me its like travelling by association; your trees were wonderful from the largest and the smallest. Now that you are travelling closer to our home we can see ourselves taking some of these trips (albeit by another mode of transportation) and enjoying the wonders of our Island.
    Dorothy & Paul


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