8 thoughts on “A Shoulder to Ride On

  1. Thank you Cathy and Doug for another great account. I appreciate your comments about the traffic. It is interesting to compare the experience with my trip to the Scottish Highlands this summer. Although there were a few places in Scotland where we had to go down main (only two lane) roads with large trucks and buses passing us I was very impressed with how many detour cyclist routes there are and all signposted.


  2. You two keep amazing me! I loved reading about this loop trip and seeing your great photos, but I will not likely do this cycle route myself. I bet your own bed felt good to fall into when you got home.


  3. This is amazing! There is so much beauty out there to see and experience, this time on bikes! You two seem to capture it all, well done! What next? Could one do much of this trip in a car? Do call us.


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