9 thoughts on “Stories and Shorelines

  1. Hi Grandma and Grandpa,
    It’s Scarlett and Robin. We always enjoy reading your stories. You always have such great adventures, and we wish we could join you. We miss you and hope to see you soon.
    Love, Scarlett and Robin


    • Thanks for writing “Roblet”. We were thinking of you guys when we wrote the story. Did you see the part about the teuthologist? 🦑 We tried to get a photo of a puffin for you, but they were too far away. Miss U2❣️❣️, G&G


  2. Hi Friends!! We wondered where you were- now we know-all over NFLD! Looks like a grand adventure. Thanks for the story and photos. Paul & Dorothy


  3. Hey Cathy and Doug now I know where you are. You are having too much fun you two. Do you plan to be home the first of December? Would love to have you come Dec 3. Have fun and stay safe. Margaret


  4. Hi Cathy & Doug;We met you on the Rugged Boat Tour & also at Leaside Manor.in St Johns. We are the couple from Montreal
    We did not rent a car but drove from Montreal. We find your website very interesting. Keep on travelling.
    Hedy & Julius Lis..


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