7 thoughts on “A Fair Dinkum Didgeridoo

  1. Glad you enjoyed this great country-we compare it with visiting a cousin, close but not exactly the same. It took us a while before we sorted out the coffee and finally decided that what we liked was a flat white! You do realize that the galah is considered by the Aussies much the same way we consider crows…we only found this out after we had ooohhed and aaahhed and taken photos, slightly embarrassing!

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    • Visiting a cousin is a perfect simile (or is it a metaphor?). At times we thought it was a distant cousin though, what with the pronunciation differences. We went for the tall black.

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  2. Glad you went to Tambourine Mountain. My father was a General Practitioner there for tne years when he was in his 70s. Have visited it twice. It is much cooler up there than on the coast at Brisbane.

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    • The Tamborine Mt area seems like it would be a great place to have a practice. It is much cooler and has a relaxed feeling to it. I wonder if your father ever saw a platypus.

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