10 thoughts on “Tri-CUBA-thon

    • Oh yes, we’ll be in Singapore. Spending a few days there for lag recovery before boarding. Look forward to seeing you (assuming Insignia makes it).


  1. Marilyn and I were just talking about you today. Wondering if you had a blog like your camping trip. I entered your names and search voila! To my amazement we found you guys. All the best on the next leg of the trip. Love the blog


    • Great to hear from you–it’s been a long time! It’s amazing that you found us via a Google search. In just a couple weeks we’ll be leaving for a four month cruise. Sounds pretty decadent, eh? We’re trying to blow it all. Hope you will follow the blog.


  2. Loved your Cuba blog — it brought back so many memories and introduced lots of new and exciting places — How goes the cruise? We have to travel vicariously through you, while we content ourselves with the lovely life on Vancouver Island.


    • Good to hear from you. Hope you are both well. We’re in Auckland today and it’s very cold and windy. A kayak tour we were on had to cancel due to storm force winds. Oh well, day after tomorrow is Tonga where the sun is shining bright (hopefully).


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