12 thoughts on “The Joys of an Alsek Expedition

  1. Thank you Cathy and Doug for a wonderful account. This trip is now on my Bucket list! What a great adventure. You are an inspiration to those of us in a similar age bracket! Shaun


  2. Once again, a fabulous travelogue and spectacular photos! How fortunate for Nathan to have such active and adventurous grandparents. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Another fabulous adventure for you, Doug and Cathy. Great that you’re sharing all these experiences with your grandchildren. You certainly were more active on your northern trip than I was!


  4. Fantastic report. I check on photos for quality by zooming up on them and they are great there. I should head north someday.



    • Thanks, George. That’s interesting about the resolution. After I adjust the photos using Lightroom, I upload them to Google photos using their free “lower quality” option. I then select the G photos images to insert into the blog. WordPress has a direct link to G photos. Glad to see they don’t lose too much.
      Better not wait too long before heading N; the Arctic is disappearing fast.


  5. Thanks Doug, Cathy and Nathan for the awesome pics. It truly was a trip of a lifetime and we were honoured to share it with you guys!! Happy travels!!


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