9 thoughts on “It’s Showtime

  1. What a fantastic trip! Congratulations Doug and Cathy. You are an inspiration. This has to be the classic Canadian adventure. We drove through Algonquin Park on our way to Ottawa a couple of years ago. We unfortunately did not make time to canoe. It is on my bucket list to do in the future. Shaun

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  2. Hi Doug & Cathy Thanks for the great photos and story. I could not do your trips even when i was young!!(like a couple of years ago) Ho HO And HAPPY THANKSGIVING It will be so good to have you back and to visit. Paul& Dorothy


    • Hi there you two. There were moments on our portaging that we thought we couldn’t make it. Luckily, some kids came along and helped out. Those Duluth Packs are a pain in the you-know-what. Hope to see you real soon at McD’s. Senior coffee, yeah! ❣️


  3. It looked like a wonderful trip. Beautiful photos and great story writing. I love to follow your blog and see all your amazing adventures.


  4. Doug and Cathy, I so enjoy your varied trips and excellent photos and journal entries. A wonderful record of an interesting life. You are making the most of it!


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