12 thoughts on “Winter Camping

  1. Doug you have company in dangers — some years ago Paul, using a chainsaw, cut through the side of his boot!
    So stay safe and enjoy your winter adventures. Did you know many of the trees in Victoria are now in bloom — love it.
    Hope to see you soon.


  2. Bravo for Marmot!
    Hope you are having a splendid winter!
    I¹m recently returned from kayaking (again!) in the Sea of Cortez and am will soon be off for a three week¹s sailing course in Antigua and St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The latter will, of course, be strictly work ­ although I am tucking my mask and snorkel into my duffel bag!

    Cheers and Happy New Year!


    • Good to hear from you, Anna. Isn’t it great to have adventures and keep active? We’re jealous about your sailing course. Say Hi to all the Ontario gang.


  3. Wonderful way to escape the bad things and find (revel in?) the good. Can’t beat Nature.
    You both look so happy!
    Keep it up!
    Desiree and Pieter (currently grounded at home in Santa Fe (but that’s not bad).


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