10 thoughts on “Girls (and Gramps) Go Glamping

  1. What a fantastic trip to do with Grandchildren. I have been to Kuyoquot several times. It is an interesting community with the Indian Village on one side and the non-indian on the other side of the inlet. There is also what used to be called a Red Cross outpost health clinic with a Nurse Practitioner which was an interesting place to visit if one was in the health business. A friend of mine was once a radio operator on Spring Island and would regularly radio on weather reports. I believe there is very little left of the Federal radio station which was there now. There used to be a huge raft of Sea Otters off Kuyoquot but the last two times I visited they had moved somewhere else. Very interesting animal and their increasing populations a conservation success story.


    • We met the current Nurse Practitioner at the Kyuquot wharf. She was excitedly following the Uchuck into the harbour in her aluminum skiff. Her sister from Switzerland was aboard and they hadn’t seen each other in several years.
      The abandoned radio outpost was only a concrete platform which now serves as a makeshift basketball court. The station served as a LORAN beacon. Remember the good old days before GPS?
      Happy to tell you the sea otter raft is still there and thriving.


    • Thanks Linda. They help keep us young, too. Hope you’re keeping active after the cruise. Such a shock to come back to having to look after one’s self.


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